A Man Could Hardly Ask…

By Michael Mchugh, May 2017 – 7th Grade English

I am from more than just places,
I am from early Christmas mornings
to late night bedtime stories

Finding seashells by the seashore
never ending car rides
And black Adidas sneakers with wild colored laces.

I am from the light breeze on the sunny streets of Cotuit
buffalo wings and mandarin oranges
from the old brick house on the corner
fuzzy blankets and ceiling fans.

I am from excessively competitive family game nights
Chicken cutlets and chocolate milk from Tino’s Pizza
From the fiery burning of scraped knees and elbows
Wearing my shirt inside out and backwards
And the smell of wood burning.

I am from the roar of the crowd at Fenway,
peanuts and Cracker Jacks
And the dirt that slowly accumulates under my nails
as I play outside.

From the blistering heat of cement that presses
against my bare feet on hot summer days
And the pleasant combination of birds chirping
and the sunlight that wakes me.

I am from freshly cut watermelon that melts on my tongue
And the foamy blue wall of danger that destroys
the sand castles we worked so hard to make
I am from the sweet smell of a backyard barbeque
And from not ever letting the bedbugs bite.

A man could hardly ask to be from more.